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Pioneer Kids Birthday Club

Pioneer Kids isn't just about great programming--although we definitely have that. Pioneer Public TV is happy to be able to present the Pioneer Kids Birthday Club. If you're a member of Pioneer, at only $25 a year, you can sign your child or grandchild up for the Pioneer Kids Birthday Club.

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Pioneer Kids Quick Facts

- It's the #1 educational media brand.

- We prepare children for success in school and life and help them learn reading, math and other essential skills.

- We serve all children and help them realize their potential.

- It provides a trusted and safe environment for kids of all ages.

- PBS Kids is the undisputed leader in children's programming.

- For the eleventh year in a row, PBS Kids won more Emmy Awards for children's programs than any other network.


Sept. 7: Kendra, Lowry
Sept. 7: Kathie, Montevideo
Sept. 7: Ian, Marshall
Sept. 8: Nora, Sioux Falls
Sept. 10: Claire, Alexandria
Sept. 11: Tyler, Marshall
Sept. 11: Leah, Aberdeen
Sept. 12: Charlotte, Dawson
Sept. 12: Vada, New Prague
Sept. 14: Thatcher, Dawson
Sept. 14: Gannon, Madison
Sept. 15: Nolan, Tracy
Sept. 16: Erek, Eagan
Sept. 16: Wyatt, Alexandria
Sept. 17: Evalynn, Chisago
Sept. 18: Charlie, Milan
Sept. 18: Ella, Sioux Falls
Sept. 19: Parker, Edgerton
Sept. 19: Carter, Edgerton
Sept. 20: Caroline, Louisburg
Sept. 20: Cameron, Louisa
Sept. 22: Paige, Benson
Sept. 23: Katelyn, Luverne
Sept. 24: Tyson, Milan
Sept. 26: Julia, Arlington
Sept. 28: Brayden, Marshall
Oct. 1: Finley, Marshall
Oct. 4: Dahlia, Ham Lake